Amelia Earhart was a Zontion

Amelia Earhart inspired thousands of young women who watched as the aviation pioneer literally soared to new heights to achieve her dreams against the odds. In 1933, one young fan penned a letter to Earhart seeking advice about breaking into the male-dominated flight scene – and Earhart’s advice still resonates today. Earhart responded to the 13-year-old Detroit girl, and the contents of that previously unpublished

letter have been revealed for the first time.

In it she writes:

“…as far as woman’s opportunities in flying go, I think they will improve as they have in all industries,” but when she wrote the letter, “just now there are no pilots on the regular scheduled air time. Someday I expect there will be.”

This speaks to the inspirational role that Amelia Earhart played in reaching out to girls and young women at the time when people were looking to advance their careers. But also to be inspired by somebody who had succeeded in a man’s world.

In June of 1937, Earhart famously vanished after she was on her first around-the-world flight.Zonta is proud to have had Earhart as a member and offers a scholarship in her honor.  To learn more visit the Zonta website.

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