September 30th is officially “Zonta Day” in Fenton!

We celebrate our Clubs 24th anniversary.

We want to also recognize the victims and survivors of Domestic Violence….

In 2018 Rally event is Saturday September 29th at The Fenton Methodist Church.

8:30 am – Tailgate Coffee Hour with Zonta / Community Networking.

9:00 am  Commemoration Ceremony for Current Victims of Domestic Violence & Words of Hope for Survivors.

  •    YWCA Representative – Status of Domestic Violence Today   

  •    Michelle Forsythe, FUMC Pastor– Prayer of Hope

9:15 am – Happy Birthday Zonta Club of Fenton- 25 Years of Service a Reason to Celebrate!!

  •                  Trish Simmons, President of Zonta Club of Fenton.

9:30 am – Community Breakfast at Leo’s Coney Island with Zonta and Friends of Zonta.



-Recognize -Report -Rebuild

View 2015 Rally video